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"The next age will be such

       as the next citizens that we are bringing up."

                                                                                                                                                         - J. A. Komenský



What is the quality of the current education system? Does it evolve in accordance with the best learning approaches or is it preserved in runways? What kind of people are being brought up by such a system, and then, is the society created by them healthy, moral, and just?

It is precisely the debate on these topics that this section is to support in many respects.

Education has an irreplaceable importance in society as a whole, it affects all areas of life, and this is one of the reasons why it becomes a priority in industrialized countries. In general, education has an irreplaceable role in determining quality of life. It helps people to orient themselves in the world and plays a role in shaping the personality.

An important Czech teacher, Jan Ámos Komenský, was convinced that it is possible to cultivate not only individuals, but also human relationships and communities. In seven parts of his book, he described his idea of rebuilding society, "from the roots," from upbringing. The strength of Komenský’s plan to transform society lies in the combination of "education, spiritual purity and political (social) justice".

Many historian sages mark personal development, raising moral standards, and developinh one's own character during life experiences as one of the most important parts of human life.


 Main topics of the section

  • What does the concept of education mean and how do we understand it?

  • Right to education.

  • Quality and availability of education.

  • Educational policy and support for education (lack of vocational schools, inclusion,...).

  • Education in the digital world, personalities and patterns.

  • Lifelong learning and personal development.

  • Problems in education and suggestions for their solution.

  • Types of education (pre-primary, elementary, secondary, formal, informal, theoretical, practical,... civic education, family, environmental,...) Wisdom Education - Alternative or Innovative Education, Critical Thinking.


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