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"Health is like good friends.

         You do not respect them until you lose them."

                                                                                                                                          - A traditional saying.



What is health and how to protect it? What causes disease and how to get healthy again?

Do you belong to people who do not want to passively wait for someone to cure them? You do not want just to observe passively how environment influences your organism? Or perhaps you do not want to tolerate any more the deterioration of your state of health? Do you want your life to be active and fulfilled or at least as good as it can only be?

In this section, we will give you information, suggestions and inspirational experiences that can be of help to you.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as "a state of complex physical, mental and social well-being - not just the absence of disease and weakness". According to this definition, about 70-95% of the population is unhealthy!

A high percentage of unhealthy people is the result of the accelerated pace of life, stress, pollution in the air and water, and poor eating habits.

What can we do for our health?

Health is not a permanent and unchanging state, but a dynamic process where thoughts, lifestyle, body, and environment interact with one other. It is also the ability to balance changes in the natural cycle and the ability to adapt to them.

If we realize the value of a healthy life, we can reveal our unique role and responsibility in shaping our own health. It may come to deepening an awareness of the relationship between the cause and effect, the relationship between the mind, the behaviour and the body. Let us take advantage of centuries of proven knowledge to keep up our health!


 Main topics of the section

  • Right to life and health in context (healthy environment, water, air, soil, healthy food, access to healthcare and its quality, health protection, health legislation, the EU, compulsory vaccinations, restrictions on the use of herbs, organ donation, plus and minuses of modern medicine, diseases and treatments, new healing knowledge and practices, bioethics, doctors 'rights and duties, patients' rights, euthanasia, abortion...).

  • What can we do for our health?

  • Healthy lifestyle, prevention, mental health, wisdom of centuries-tested treatment systems, alternative treatments.


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