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"One rod will easily break,

         but a bunch of rods cannot be easily broken."

                                          - from the instruction given by prince Svatopluk, the ruler of the Moravian Empire,                                                                                      to his sons to show them that if they hold together they will be invincible.


verejne zalezitosti

Existing legal and social systems fail in some respects, and it is necessary that citizens get involved themselves to act for the benefit of the people and the environment. With this project, we would like to enable people to establish interconnections, inspire and support one another and jointly stop emerging destructive phenomena.

The European Union and the entire "Western world" claim the democratic organization of their society. However, democracy can work only on the assumption that every citizen uses his/her rights to participate in governance and that the whole society and every individual accept certain rules.

In the current globalized world, in many cases, it is not enough to engage only at the regional level, it is necessary to connect internationally to address the global problems of the whole mankind. As an example, let us mention the extraction of natural wealth, the clearing of forests, water or air pollution.

We should not tolerate or encourage violence, manipulation, mutual robbery and, on the contrary, we should increase our civic engagement and effectively limit these phenomena.

It is admirable what one good man can do, not mentioning the strength of good people joining their forces!


 From the main topics of the column

  • What we understand as civil society and civic activism.

  • Activists, passivists.

  • Principles and examples of "wise" activism.

  • Civil engagement.

  • How and why to participate in influencing social events.


Get involved. Send incentives and proposals for cooperation.

Thanks to all who have connected with us!

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